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Olivia Messina, the Plus-Size Model Gets Trolled For Being Fat

Olivia Messina has made waves in the plus-size modeling industry. At 27 years old and size 22, she is unapologetic about her body and encourages others to do the same through her Instagram posts featuring stylish outfits that flaunt her figure with confidence. Rather than striving for a smaller frame, Olivia demonstrates daily how embracing your unique shape can lead to success no gym required.

Despite the cruel comments and online bullying, Olivia Messina stayed strong when a video of her confidently displaying her curves on TikTok went viral, receiving hundreds of thousands of views within hours. She stands as an inspiring advocate for self-confidence in any shape or size.

Despite radiating with self-confidence and joy, Olivia Messina experienced the harsh sting of uninvited criticism when she was bombarded by cruel trolls who felt compelled to express their disapproval. Despite her positive outlook on life, they encouraged her to change what made up how unique and beautiful she truly is – instead of appreciating it in all its glory.

Olivia Messina, not allowing negative comments to define her beauty standards, showed off her plus-size confidence in a form-fitting outfit. Undeterred by society’s expectations of body image and size 22 curves with 44H bust measurements. She proudly embraced who she was through a movement that exemplified self-love.

Refusing to succumb to the pressure of “work-out bullies,” I proudly embraced my full figure. Instead of sacrificing my self-worth in order to please them, I set out on a mission that would prove even bigger girls can be fabulous and still command an audience trolls included! Now every day is filled with joy as fat and confident, unafraid of anyone or anything.


Olivia Messina proudly defied the conventional beauty standard and refused to be shamed for her plus-size figure. She confidently displayed self-love despite cruel comments, showing that all body sizes can be beautiful.

In a matter of days, her June 2021 video had spread around the globe like wildfire. She quickly found herself thrust into fame as she gained millions upon millions of views and was overwhelmed with messages from supporters worldwide praising her for being “uber-glam,” inspirational, an undeniable Queen and Goddess.

The critics may not faze her, but she’s certainly receiving plenty of attention from marriage proposals! With two university degrees under her belt (the second being a Master’s in Social Studies at York University) this empowered individual has forged an impressive path. Despite what others might say, dozens of admirers show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Struggling with her weight since childhood, she was constantly ostracized and subjected to cruel bullying for being overweight. At 24st in July 2017, the BMI index deemed her morbidly obese and facing a drastically shortened life expectancy due to health issues like diabetes and heart disease.

Olivia Messina ultimately discovered that the pursuit of a svelte physique wasn’t what truly made her happy it was learning to love and accept herself from within.

Despite being single, Olivia Messina has caught the attention of many admirers. Many have been drawn to her curves and athletic build – a combination that speaks for itself.

She proudly stands strong against the judgment and envy of those who can’t understand why she’s so confident in her plus-size body. Thousands turn to her for inspiration as they seek newfound confidence, yet still, people persist with their assumptions about health related to weight. Refusing to accept this stigma, she calmly points out that obesity is determined by someone’s physique and stems from an idea worth pondering.

Ever since Olivia Messina hit the scene as a plus-size model, she has taken the industry by storm with her body-positive attitude and infectious style. Her natural charisma and well-executed moves on the dance floor have made her enormously popular among fans. Her makeup tutorials have provided tips for all shapes and sizes, while her fashion styling adds incredible flair. This multitalented model shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon; in fact, she’s just getting started.



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