Man accused of fatally shooting 3, including TV reporter and 9-year-old girl, is hit with additional murder charges

The tranquility of a Wednesday in Pine Hills, Florida, shattered on February 22nd with a series of horrific shootings.

A 19-year-old man, Keith Melvin Moses, allegedly went on a rampage that claimed three innocent lives and wounded two others.

The tragedy began around 11 a.m. when Moses allegedly shot and killed Nathacha Augustin, a 38-year-old woman. The motive behind this initial attack remains unclear.

Hours later, Moses is said to have returned to the scene. This time, gunfire erupted near a house where Spectrum News 13 reporter Dylan Lyons and photojournalist Jesse Walden were covering a previous incident.

Lyons and Walden were caught in the crossfire. Lyons was tragically killed, while Walden was critically injured.

Leaving the media crew, Moses then allegedly entered a nearby residence where a young girl, T’Yonna Major, and her mother were present. T’Yonna, only nine years old, was fatally shot. Her mother was also wounded but managed to survive.

The community was left reeling. A young life extinguished, a dedicated journalist silenced, and a family shattered – the senseless violence left a gaping wound in Pine Hills.

Dylan Lyons was remembered by colleagues as a passionate and dedicated journalist. T’Yonna Major, a bright and energetic child, had dreams of becoming a veterinarian. The entire community mourned their loss.

Keith Melvin Moses was apprehended and charged with murder. With the indictment on additional charges, the legal process grinds forward. However, for the families and friends of the victims, justice can’t bring back the lives so cruelly stolen.

This tragedy also cast a spotlight on the dangers journalists face while reporting on the ground. The cold-blooded shooting of Dylan Lyons serves as a stark reminder of the risks they take to keep communities informed.


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